“Is me weed” – suspect admits after busted with 9lbs of ganja


A 34-year-old man has been taken into police custody after he was busted with 9lbs of marijuana.

The bust was made at around 04:15hrs today at the Berbice River Bridge Public Road.

Reports are that a police roadblock exercise was in effect when a motorcar bearing registration number HB 6999 was about 20ft away heading towards the block.

But the vehicle then made a sudden turn and began driving away at a fast rate of speed, heading east.

As such, police gave chase and about 200ft away from the roadblock, they intercepted the motorcar.

The driver was told of the observations and a search on his person and motor vehicle were requested and done.

In the trunk of the motorcar, a bulky grey haversack was found in the spare wheel compartment which, upon opening, contained a bulky parcel wrapped with a transparent plastic.

The package was opened in the suspect’s presence and it contained a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis.

The suspect was told of the offence, cautioned and arrested, to which he replied “is me weed and I went going and sell off over the river but I turn back when I see the block.”

The suspected narcotics, motorcar and the suspect were escorted to Central Police Station where the motorcar was lodged.

The suspect then gave a caution statement and is presently in custody assisting with the investigation.