Irfaan Ali rebuts slander to discredit his academic credentials

Opposition Member of Parliament, Irfaan Ali
Opposition Member of Parliament, Irfaan Ali

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Parliamentary frontbencher Irfaan Ali has responded to  reports that have sought to discredit his academic qualifications.

In a statement on social media on Saturday, Ali refuted that he misrepresented his qualifications.

He noted that his certification, including diplomas and degrees, are already in the public domain.

Additionally, the former Housing Minister revealed that he is awaiting additional transcripts from institutions he studied at.

Ali explained that he would have no hesitation to make this information public when he receives it.

According to the Parliamentarian “I have submitted my PhD dissertation for examination on the topic: ‘Design and Development of an Integrated Land Management Model in Guyana’ since September 2018. I am currently awaiting the result of the PhD dissertation evaluation.”

Over the past weeks, reports have been carried in a section of the media that questioned the veracity of his qualifications.

The reports have questioned whether Ali was qualified for the Masters Degree he did on a India Technical and Economic Cooperation scholarship.

Former Minister of the then Labour Ministry, Dr Nanda Gopaul, has since defended Ali’s participation in the programme.

According to Ali, the information being peddled is intended to undermine his efforts to serve as the Presidential candidate for his Party.

He said that “I will not give credence to such organised slander to discredit my wide-ranging academic progress by responding to every single element of the mischievous information being peddled and which objective is to undermine my effort to serve as the PPP Presidential Candidate.”

Ali is among several other Executive Committee members of the PPP vying for the Presidential candidature.


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