Investigators grilling ex-boyfriend of murdered Sophia woman


The ex-boyfriend of the murdered Sophia woman, Simone Hackett, whose slashed body was found in a trench at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara (ECD), has finally been arrested.

He is presently being grilled by investigators as to his alleged involvement in the crime since the dead woman’s relatives are of the view that he may have played a role in her gruesome murder.

DEAD: Simone Hackett
DEAD: Simone Hackett

Hackett and the man were having disputes stemming from custody issues over their son. The two shared one child together.

Reports are that the father of her child had contacted the young woman around 18:00h Saturday night to notify her that he had sent a package for her and their son who celebrated his birthday on Sunday, last.

She left her home around 20:00h that fateful night and never returned home. The parents of the deceased woman stated that their other daughter (Hackett’s sister) was scheduled to get married on Sunday and Hackett was supposed to be her Maid of Honor.

When she did not return home Saturday night they knew something terrible had happened since it is not like her to miss her sister’s wedding or her son’s birthday, which was also on the same date, a relative had stated.

On Tuesday morning, the young mother’s partly decomposed body was found in a trench by two children who were en route to school. Her body had been chopped multiple times and there was a slash on her throat. A cutlass was also found at the scene of the crime near the woman’s body.

Commander of “C” Division, Marlon Chapman, told INews this morning that at present it is too early to declare whether or not the woman’s ex-boyfriend is indeed guilty of this heinous crime. However, investigators are continuing to probe the matter and question him with hopes of closing the case soon.

Chapman noted that should the 72-hr ‘holding’ period for questioning expire, and if there is need to have him detained further to assist with investigations, then this request will be made by those conducting the investigation.



  1. With such a small population and such high crime rate,with top tier criminal acts,the solution is,the death penalty and flogging,and hard labour,high criminal culture has catch but not penalties.dont promise coi,vocations,or pardons.This makes the courts look inneffective ,so an increase in crime is bound to happen.

  2. Because of the circumstance surrounding their relationship he knows something . Members of the bridal party should be questioned also.


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