Investigation needed into N/A Secondary for locking out students- Armogan

Region Six Chairman David Armogan

Region six, Regional Chairman, David Armogan has called for an investigation as to why students attending the Region’s premier secondary school (New Amsterdam Secondary) are being made to stand outside of the compound during instructional periods.

Inews was informed that more than a decade ago, a similar situation existed and the department of Education was instructed to advise the school’s administration that it was against the policy of the Minister of Education.

Region six, Regional Chairman, David Armogan
Region six, Regional Chairman, David Armogan

Armogan recently noted that it is “total disrespect” by the school’s administration to Regional authorities.

Head of the school board, Zaman Hussain explained that they [School Board] already dealt with the issue and students should not be locked out during instructional time.

Hussain, who is also the Chairman of the Regional Educational Committee, noted that the committee will be meeting with the administration of the school before any decision is taken to administer disciplinary actions.


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