Investigation launched into fire at Crabwood Creek

Fire consuming the Crabwood Creek home

An investigation has been launched into a fire of unknown origin at Crabwood Creek, Corentyne on Monday.

Fire consuming the Crabwood Creek home

This publication was informed that at about 14:00hrs smoke was seen emanating from a two-bedroom house occupied by a 75-year-old pensioner.

The pensioner had been living alone for several years.

Reports are that he was under the house in a hammock when smoke was seen emanating from the building. The pensioner did not get a chance to save anything.

Meanwhile, in a video posted on social media, members of the Skeldon Fire Service were seen dousing a house next door in a bid to stop the fire from spreading.

Villagers were seen assisting that family in their evacuation bid.

A bucket brigade was also formed and was successful in containing the blaze to the one building.

The firefighters, in the end, handled the situation and prevented injury and the spread of the fire.

This is the second fire in Crabwood Creek within a week. On Tuesday last, fire destroyed a sawmill and left in excess of $25 million in damages.



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