Investigating Finance Minister’s “illegal” spending is not police’s job – GPF  

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh
Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh
Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh

[] – The Guyana Police Force (GPF) believes the alleged breaches to the Guyana Constitution by Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, when he spent some $4.5B without parliamentary approval, may not be a matter for its ranks to investigate.

The police explained that breaches of the Laws of Guyana can be criminal breaches, breaches under the civil jurisdiction, or administrative breaches; adding that the Police Force is obligated to investigate criminal breaches only and does not conduct investigations into civil breaches nor administrative breaches, except for those related to the Police (Discipline) Act Chapter 17:01 regarding the conduct of its ranks.

“The Guyana Police Force is of the opinion that the section of the Law that it is alleged was breached by Dr. Ashni Singh addresses administrative issues and is therefore an administrative breach,” a statement from the police pointed out.

To this end, the GPF says it has sought legal advice on the matter and is awaiting that advice.

Alliance for Change Leader (AFC) Khemraj Ramjattan had lodged a complaint with the police after it was discovered that the Minister spent the money without prior parliamentary approval; monies the opposition say it had disapproved during the 2014 budget.

A Legal Advisor has since been appointed to the GPF in the person of Justice Claudette Singh.

Dr. Singh himself has defended his spending as constitutional; citing chapters of the law and Court ruling to support his claim.





  1. Is there in point in the GPF. Can anyone tell me exactly what is the purpose of this unexceptional Institution..Just dissolve this useless collection of Half-Wits. Save the country a Shed-load of money


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