Intruder shot by Guard at Freedom House


By Leroy Smith

Freedom-House[] – Two Rural Constables who are attached to the Headquarters of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Robb Street, Georgetown were forced to shoot an intruder.

Information reaching iNews stated that at approximately 23:30 hrs on Friday, August 14, one of the Constables observed a man mounted on a water trestle in the compound of the building, in an attempt to make his way to the upper flat of Freedom House.

The security guard confronted the man but while doing so, the intruder whipped out a knife and advanced towards the unarmed guard. Fortunately, another security guard from the premises responded to the screams of his colleague and shot the intruder to his left shoulder with his service weapon.

The intruder was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was treated.



  1. ”its one big house of criminals..” You are certainly referring to CONGRESS PLACE the center where the X13 PLAN was hatched, is slowly being implemented. Absolutely not Freedom House which is the center of democracy, the center which was responsible for the very freedom of expression which you and others now enjoy without fair. Of course being blinded by extreme prejudice, you cannot see anything

  2. I hope the police take the same ATTITUDE like the DONNA Mckinnon case, the do nothing,under the carpet,never solve the case.failed attempt HA HA they didn’t fail to rape the treasury,,,

  3. Intruder or spymaster? Will the police mount an investigation into this incident? This ”intruder” was probably testing/scouting to find out if that building was easy to get into or to test the alertness of the guards. The PPPC must not rule out anything. There could be a political motive behind this act.This failed attempt must be used to review security despite the alertness of the security officers. Remember the dogs of war who bombed Michael Forde Bookshop? Some of them are still around lying low and waiting for the right moment to strike.


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