Intoxicated man arrested for beating visually-impaired wife, daughter


Ranks of the Guyana Police Force on Saturday arrested a resident of Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) after he had physically assaulted his visually-impaired wife and daughter.

According to the Police, the suspect is in the habit of regularly assaulting his 27-year-old wife, and on the day in question, he reportedly went home under the influence of alcohol and started to verbally abuse the woman. This was followed by him dealing her several cuffs to her face, causing her to sustain injury.

The suspect then turned his attention to his 11-year-old daughter, whom he also dealt several cuffs to her face before throwing her through the door. Thereafter, he departed the home.

A report was made at the Parika Police Station, and the suspect was arrested, told of the allegations made against him, and cautioned.

In the process of being arrested, the suspect assaulted the sergeant by pushing him several times to his chest. He was eventually subdued by other ranks, arrested and taken to the Parika Police Station, where he started to use a series of expletives in a loud tone of voice, causing a crowd to gather in the vicinity of the station.

He was later taken to the Leonora Police Station, where he remains in custody, pending charges.