Int’l Coastal Clean-up Day …see photos


Today, Saturday 17 September, is International Coastal Clean-up Day (ICC). As part of observances in Guyana a coastal clean-up exercise was coordinated by the Caribbean Youth Environment Network, which is the local organising body for the ICC.

The  clean-up exercise started at 6:hrs and was carried out between the Guyana Marriott Hotel and Camp Street, Kingston Seawall. The exercise was intended to spread awareness so that citizens would continue the good work of having a clean and green Guyana.

INews photographer, Carl Croker, was part of the exercise and captured the following scenes: 
dsc_9809 dsc_9804 dsc_9801 dsc_9797 dsc_9796 dsc_9791 dsc_9781 dsc_9760 dsc_9754 dsc_9746 dsc_9733 dsc_9725 dsc_9721 dsc_9712


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