Int’l Building Expo: “My kids have somewhere we can always call home” – father

Christopher Kissoon

Persons who were allocated their house lots at the International Building Expo 2022 as a part of the Housing Ministry’s “Dream Realised” housing initiative, have expressed happiness at finally getting a change to own their own home.

On Monday, several persons who had just received their allocation expressed that they have been waiting numerous years to be issued a house lot, some whom even applied over a decade ago.

Christopher Kissoon, who had applied for a house lot since 2011, was elated to have received a house lot after years of waiting. He commended the initiative, which has now granted himself and his family a place to call home.

Christopher Kissoon

“I applied for this house lot since 2011, and I got approved and it’s a blessing. I’m very happy, I’m joyful, I feel like celebrating because I’ve never really owned anything much in my life and this here is blessing to me.

“Me and my kids we can now have somewhere to call home,” he said.

Anjamie Beepat, who was also allocated a house lot, explained that she is aiming to start construction on her house lot as soon as possible.

“I’m very happy and very excited because I have waited quite some time now…I applied in 2017…this is like a dream come true waiting for a land on your own.

Anjamie Beepat

“I came yesterday (Sunday) and I received a call last and they said to come in…. I’ll start construction as soon as possible.”

Karran Singh further commended the services offered at the expo, lamenting that the event was well organised.

“I am satisfied, I must say, with this initiative that they have taken cause today I go through…it’s well organised I must say. Mostly when you have these kinds of events it’s a lot of bullying, people tugging and so but I see that they are conducting themselves pretty well here,” he explained.

Several other allotees also shared similar comments on the initiative.

“I feel very happy I received a house lot; I was so happy when I got that call last night (Saturday).”

“I’m also really happy that along with me everybody else get through. This housing drive, it helped a lot of people, because a lot of people waiting for a very long time,” Bibi Narine said.

“I’ve been waiting 11 years, so I feel happy now because I got through, and everything just went my way today, which is nice,” Satesh Ramkelwan said.