Intervention needed to arrest spiraling gun crimes- Superbet


Gaming entity Superbet has called on the Government of Guyana and other stakeholders to address the spiraling rise in armed robberies being perpetrated by bandits.

According to the company’s General Manager, Ashwien Surjbalisingh, since setting up shop in Guyana they were attacked a total of four times by bandits, two of which were attempted robberies while on the other two occasions, the bandits were successful. He noted that in all cases, the perpetrators were armed.

In a press conference hosted by the company, Surjbalisingh said that the increase in gun related crimes will deter businesses from wanting to invest in the economy.

Noting that the company staff were afraid and some even traumatized, the company’s General Manager said that they intend to increase the security detail at Superbet.

He said however, that there is a limit to what can be done on their part.

Superbet General Managers, Shrikant Kisoensingh and Ashwien Surjbalisingh

In a recap to the media of what transpired during the robbery attack on Monday, in Pigeon Island, East Coast Demerara, Surjbalisingh said that the company’s collection employees were making their rounds to the various Superbet locations on the day in question.

He related that the money was handed over to the two collection representatives from the retail outlet, while in the presence of an armed security attached to the gaming company. The trio then made their way back to their motorcar where the driver was waiting.

However, according to the company’s General Manager, a Toyota Premio pulled up alongside the Superbet employees, and six armed gunmen exited. The men reportedly had an AK47 in their possession, and one man grabbed the bag of cash from the Superbet workers. The robbers then fled the scene.

He noted that even though armed security was present, he was no match for six bandits armed with assault rifles.

Surjbalisingh confirmed that the crime was captured on CCTV footage which he says  is in Police custody.

Meanwhile, the Management of Superbet dismissed all allegations that the most recent robbery might be an inside job.

Police are yet to arrest anyone. Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


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