Interrupted water, electricity supply at GPHC result in cancellation of surgeries


[] – The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s (GPHC) water and electricity supply have been interrupted resulting from a damaged internal power line.

According to a statement from the Corporation, the interruption commenced around 09:00hrs on Monday, October 28.

The statement added that the damaged line interrupted the institution’s ability to pump water in the compound and circulate electricity. However, the main building – ACDC – was not affected by the power outage.

“Electricity was restored to the institution by 13.00hrs but due to a damaged Foot Valve, the water supply was intermittent A few surgeries were cancelled as a result of the unavailability of water in the operating theatres.”

The water that ran from taps at the institution today, October 29 was discoloured but according to Hospital Officials this was because the reservoir was very low.

In order to continue repairs to the Foot Valve, water supply will be shut down for approximately one hour between16:15 and 17:15 hrs this evening.




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