Integrity, professionalism makes a good officer – Top Cop

Commissioner James with the Promoted Special Constables

…as 32 ranks and 15 special constabulary promoted

Commissioner of the Guyana Police Force, Leslie James, during his final inspection of the Police Divisions and Branches on Friday told ranks that integrity, professionalism and dedication to the profession is what makes for a good officer.

James and his team of deputies started the day at the Headquarters of the Special Constabulary at Princess Street Wortmanville, Georgetown. The Top Cop reminded ranks that the Special Constabulary is an equally important part of the Force” and highlighted the need for the focus and motivation of ranks.

“The same Oath that you took, is the same Oath which the Regular Ranks of the Force take when being admitted into the Force” he told the ranks.

Additionally, he highlighted the misconception of some that the Special Constabulary ranks are of lesser value to the Guyana Police Force adding that a void would be created if the role played by the Special Constabulary was taken away. James reaffirmed the need for professionalism and dedication of ranks as they continue to strive for the success.

Commissioner James with the Promoted Special Constables

Fifteen ranks were promoted on the spot, most of whom were recommended for promotion, while others were outstanding on Parade. Those ranks were: to the rank of Sergeant: Woman Corporals 8482 Benjamin, 9335 Bidder, 10598 Bruce and 13096 Benn. To the rank of Corporal:  Special Lance Corporal 11640 Thom, Woman Special Constables 9459 Tappin, 10960 Charles, 10871 Thompson and 12175 Loncke. To the rank of Lance Corporal: Woman Special Constables 11975 Jack, 15258 Benjamin, 14721 Andrews, 12041 Glasgow, 14981 Green and 14848 Alleyne.

Subsequently, the Commissioner and his team traveled to the Mining Town of Linden where the final inspection was held at Divisional Headquarters – Mackenzie Police Station. After commending Commander of E Division, Superintendent Linden Lord for the ranks’ impressive turnout on Parade, James reminded the gathering about the need for ranks to remain studious and highlighted the importance of continuous training of ranks.

The call for motivation was resounded in Linden as the Commissioner highlighted the adverse effects of ranks being “eligible in their own right for promotion” but are not promoted, and added that it is a policy of the Force’s Administration that persons eligible for promotion will be promoted.

“Don’t forget that this is a discipline organisation, therefore, when a breach of discipline occurs, it is expected to be met with the requisite sanctions; there ought not to be any compromise,” the Commissioner noted.

Thirty-two ranks were elevated, making this batch of promotees the largest. They are as follows: to Sergeant: Woman Corporals 14832 Quimbie, 19995 Williams Garraway, 18845 De Souza, 17862 Laundry, 39791 Barkoye, 13681 Yaw and 19233 Jackson. To Corporal: 18307 Bourne, 23235 Wilson, 2749 Elias, 21922 Wilson, 23123 Grant, 21608 McPhoy, 22139 Petrie, 23132 Hinds, 21904 Quimbie, 21736 Williams, 24360 Codogan, 22465 White-Dharlington, 21500 Thomas as well as Woman Rural Constable Greene and Special Constable 14675 La Rose.

To Lance Corporal: Constables 23174 Narine, 22756 Baksh, 23602 Cort, 21762 Halley and 18566 Tucker, 23129 Hercules-Griffith, 24209 Whittington, 22133 McBean, 24171 Mingo and Rural Constable McKenzie.



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