Inspector, Sergeant among five being investigated for unprofessional conduct

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By Leroy Smith

Police[] – A Police Inspector and two other ranks could find themselves being disciplined by the Guyana police Force if they are found guilty of physically and verbally abusing a Police Constable while on official duty on October 22, at a Georgetown location.

iNews was reliably informed that a complaint has been filed against the three officers [names provided] by the Constable who was reportedly beaten and thrown into the lockups at Prashad Nagar after he objected to a decision by the Police Inspector who addressed him profane language while in the presence of other ranks.

The ranks reportedly forcefully removed Police Constable, Maxwell Grant from a police vehicle, took away his firearm and proceeded to slam his head against a wall repeatedly and tossed him on the ground before throwing him into the lockups.

The rank was however later released from the lockups following his request to see a doctor after he complained of pains about the body.

iNews was informed that the most senior of the three ranks became upset after he was asked by the junior rank to cease his profanity laced language when addressing him.

The matter is said to be engaging the attention of the Police Office of Professional Responsibility. When contacted earlier this week, Crime Chief Leslie James confirmed that he is aware of the incident.

Over the years police officer have been coming under fire for the manner in which they would address their colleagues and that same unprofessional approach is sometimes meted out to civilians who often make formal complaints to the disciplinary arm of the Force.


  1. the ones that does wear the rope across their chest..dont know if they are the inspectors but the top rank with the rope are the real criminals. sometimes u can see them going 3 and 4 in a vehicle to collect from sum unsavory its a two weeks per month business..


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