Insel Air flight grounded after refusing to transport Indian Nationals


InselAir[] – The Central Immigration Office, Timehri has decided to ground an Insel Air carrier, which was scheduled to depart the Cheddi Jagan Internarional Airport (CJIA) at 06:45 hrs on Thursday, August 06.

According to a statement from the CJIA, the aircraft was not permitted to depart the airport until arrangements were made to transport eight Indian nationals out of the jurisdiction.

Airport authorities noted that the nationals arrived in Guyana on July 19, 2015 but were refused entry into the country for various immigration reasons and have been in the custody of the Guyana Police Force since then.

“The management of CJIA is investigating the incident and regrets any inconvenience caused to passengers booked on the said flight,” the CJIA statement noted.

iNews understands that the flight was cancelled to Aruba after the pilot indicated to immigration that he could not accommodate the Indian nationals since the plane was full.




  1. The tape of shame says it all…How in God’s name they were not jailed, is unbelievable. ..They should have been jailed for something like treason. …And the assholes had the Christopher Ramgoatshit.lay charges against the most brilliant President and scholar we ever had in Guyana, the PRIDE of Guyana. ..President Jagdeo. …. too many assholes loose in Guyana

  2. Inman
    Regardless of your opinion, these persons wanted to enter Guyana without a visa.
    They should have been out on the very aircraft and sent packing.

  3. Felix at work here with his old buddy Williams to not allow Indians and Chinese in Guyana. Its a shame that not one of the Attorneys in Guyana took up their case. Was it because none knew of their plight. Watch for the aforesaid two criminals to start deporting even Indian born and Chinese born Guyanese. Someone has to do something. Those two are among the most racist in a racially divided country.


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