Inmates to benefit from web design training

Dr Clement Henry

Some 30 prisoners will soon be provided with training in web design through a collaboration between the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) and the Citizens’ Security Strengthening Programme (CSSP).

The goal is to empower the inmates with a marketable skill to reduce recidivism, says Project Manager Dr. Clement Henry.

“We are looking at a special programme, exposing inmates to web design. That programme will mix entrepreneurship with web design. It will target 15 female prisoners and 15 male prisoners,” Dr. Henry stated.

The programme will start in November and will run for three months.

“Our hope is that the inmates that will be assigned to this programme will be those that are nearing release so that they can go out and lead a normal life with the new skills that they would have acquired,” he explained.

The web design training numbers among several other programmes offered to inmates to empower them with a skill so that on their release they could go on to lead productive lives. Last year, over 200 inmates completed anger management training in prisons throughout the country.

Under the CSSP, Dr. Henry highlighted that several initiatives are on the cards to enhance the Prison Service by targeting both prison officers and inmates.

The five-year CSSP started in 2016. The $3 billion programme is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and aims to enhance a raft of services in the justice system.