Inmate at Lusignan wounded for allegedly “snitching”

Lusignan holding facility

An inmate at the Lusignan Prison on the East Coast of Demerara was wounding sometime around 19:30h on Friday by two others.

The injured man has been identified as David called “Tallman”, who is on remand for murder. He was allegedly attacked by two other prisoners, Lennox Roberts (also on remand for murder) and Kentie Bacchus (sentenced prisoner).

Police say they were called in by the Guyana Prison Service to probe the incident.

It was reported that the two suspects and the victim are known to each other. The victim was accused by the suspects of ‘snitching’ which led to a prison search and several contraband items being removed.

It is alleged that the suspects armed themselves with improvised weapons and dealt the victim several chops to the body causing him to receive injuries to the face, hand and foot.

The victim manage to escape and summoned the prison officers.

An improvised weapon (cutlass) was recovered at the prison, the police said.