Infant drowns after allegedly slipping into pond

The pond in which the child was found

The motionless body of a 23-month-old boy was on Monday pulled from a trench close to his Berbice home moments after he disappeared.

It is believed that the child, Bryston Akrie of No. 52 Village Cortentyne Berbice might have slipped into the pond as he was making his way to join his other three siblings a short distance away.

The pond in which the child was found

He was found floating by his mother, Patricia Devi at about 15:00h. The distraught mother explained that on the day in question, the child asked for tea and as such, she left him with his grandmother as she went to the kitchen to make same.

However, as he returned, she saw her mother fast asleep and the child was missing. After searching for him for some time, she finally found his motionless body floating in a nearby pond.

By this time, she added, the child was already dead. An investigation has been launched into the incident.