Infant dies after falling out hammock


A two-day old baby boy has died, one day after he reportedly fell out of a hammock.

Dead is Lance Douglas who lived at a village along the Mazaruni River.

The mother, Vinese Sutton, 29, did a home delivery on November 10, 2019.

On November 11, 2019, she tied a hammock in the house where she placed the child and started to rock him to sleep. However, during the process, the rope of the hammock became loose and caused the child to fall to the ground.

Reports are that the infant was not taken to seek medical attention, since there were no visible injuries.

But at around 05:00hrs the next day, the child was in the hammock being attended to by his mother when he suddenly became motionless.

The body was examined and some discoloration was observed to his shoulder and back.

The body will be brought out to Bartica for PME.