Industrial action by Skeldon workers force GPL to commence load shedding


GPL[] – As a result of the strike action by workers of the Skeldon Estate, the Guyana Power and Light Company says it is force to load shed electricity in Demerara and Berbice since Monday evening.

GPL in a statement noted that its generation capacity in the Demerara/Berbice Integrated System (DBIS) “has been significantly affected due to the ongoing industrial action by sugar workers at the Skeldon Sugar factory.”

According to the power company, the failure of the turbo charger on GPL’s No.3 Wartsila set located at Kingston, Georgetown and the industrial action arose at a time when the No.1 Wartsila generator at the Kingston 1 plant is undergoing a major overhaul.

“GuySuCo is unable to supply energy to the grid because of industrial action at its Skeldon factory. It is uncertain when GuySuCo Skeldon operations will return to normalcy.”

The company added that in the interim, the replacement component for the turbo charger is expected to arrive on Thursday night, and the machine will return to operation on Friday.

The power company is contending that the scheduled outages may be significantly reduced if GuySuCo’s industrial action is resolved.



  1. It is time that people take ownership of their actions.
    Patriotism seems to give way to lawlessness and a me me me syndrome.
    Irresponsibility gives strength to poorness.
    Many made this choice and now put many in possible harms way and loss of property.
    Ironic, who wants to work do not have jobs. Who have jobs don’t want to work.
    We are going assbackwards.


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