Indiscipline is the biggest challenge in the education system – GTU

 General Secretary Coretta McDonald
General Secretary Coretta McDonald

[] – The Guyana Teacher’s Union (GTU) believes one of the main problems in the country’s education system is indiscipline among children.

GTU’s General Secretary Coretta McDonald attributes this indiscipline to the absence of sufficient counselors and social workers in schools. In this regard McDonald has called for systems to be mapped out to address this major problem.

McDonald says while the Education Ministry has begun putting systems in place to deal with indiscipline among school children, not much result is seen; citing insufficient manpower as the cause.

In addition to social workers the GTU General Secretary says parents and communities also have a critical role to play in instilling discipline in children. She believes too, that the unlimited access children now have to all the latest technologies and gadgets is contributing to declining academic performances.




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