Increase in drug busts due to improved security at Airports – Rohee


[] – Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is of the view that constant reviews and enhancing of the security arrangements at the Cheddi Jagan and Ogle International Airports is responsible for the upsurge in persons being busted trying to smuggle cocaine out of Guyana.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]

In an invited comment at his office on Wednesday, February 26, the Minister said that the fact that persons are being interdicted is a manifestation of the effectiveness of the Guyana Police Force and the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit.

Rohee described the drug pushers and couriers as “hustlers” who are doing it for a living at great risks.

He however warned that it is no secret that the hustlers will be caught since the method of profiling passengers at the two main airports have been reviewed and increased significantly.

Since the adjustments, CANU and police ranks have been able to build their capacity in identifying the persons who are hustling to take drugs out of the country.

Rohee maintained that such persons once caught will suffer the consequences. The Home Affairs Minister explained that the security committee of the CJIA meets every month, where they examine ways and means to improve the security.

“I believe that those adjustments are now bearing fruit so together with the administration, airport management, law enforcement, cargo and commercial airlines a solution were worked out and are now bringing success,” Rohee said.

Only recently, two persons were busted separately trying to smuggle cocaine out of Guyana through the CJIA; one in two bottles of cream liqueur and another in Achar. [Leroy Smith]



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