In wake of suicide scourge, IAC repeats call for swift intervention


The Indian Action Committee (formerly Arrival) (IAC) has again reiterated its call for suicide to be declared “a National Priority”.

The IAC, in a statement, said it is not unmindful that over the past five days there were four reported deaths by suicide and five attempts, of which some are still hospitalized.

“These heart-wrenching incidents once again highlight the tragic consequences of this social scourge that continues to plague our society,” the IAC stated.

The IAC noted that it has laboured in the past for this declaration to be made which it believes, if realised, would bring a much needed sense of priority which in turn would necessitate the provision of the crucial human, technical and financial resources to educate and mitigate on the circumstances that would propel people to end their lives.

The IAC said it wishes to repeat that its request for such a declaration to the current government has been positively received with an encouraging follow-up. However, given the seemingly unabated trend, we believe it is time to implement.

“We are heartened by the recent emergency meeting convened by H.E. President David Granger with some members of his Cabinet to discuss the suicide spate. While this is commendable, we believe that there is an urgent need for the necessary infrastructure to be established,” the IAC said.

The IAC said it remains cognizant of the related challenges, including the inadequate number of Psychologist available, the government and related Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) face in trying to mitigate incidents of suicides.

“However, we remain firm in our belief that a declaration of ‘National Priority’ would aid in boosting current efforts and presents an opportunity for attracting additional local and international support,” the Committee stated.

Given the continual and seemingly growing impact suicide has on families, communities and the country as a whole, the IAC believes that Guyana can ill afford such loses in its human resources. This further underscores its request for a swift declaration and calls on civil society to lend support to this call.

The also IAC repeats its call on all social and religious organization to intensify their efforts to provide guidance and counselling where necessary to aid it the mitigation of this social ill. “We remain in readiness to work with the Administration and civil society through meaningful engagements in helping to deriving useful mechanisms with regard to suicide,” the IAC posited.

The IAC would also like to encourage those who may, for whatever reason, contemplating or would have already, unfortunately, develop suicidal tendencies, to seek assistance where and if possible.




  1. How about the IAC do something about it too instead of just talking. At the end of the day, the people who are mostly committing suicides are the people their organization represents 100% of the time.

  2. I think Mr Jagdeo’s Foundation, should fund an NGO, and call it Prevent Suicide Early Itervention.This would benifit all Guyanese, and could save many lives, if it is effeciently staffed, and is proactive in its operation.This way he will be giving back to the people, of Guyana in a much needed manner.
    Please do it soon, Mr Jagdeo.


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