Imran Khan resigns as NCN Director – over appointment of Cornette as CEO


Director on the Board of the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) Mr Imran Khan, has tendered his resignation over the board’s recent decision to appoint Lennox Cornette as Chief Executive Officer.

“Today, I submitted my resignation as Director of the National Communications Network to the Prime Minister and First Vice President, The Honourable Moses V. Nagamootoo. I advised the Honourable Prime Minister of the reason for same, thanked him for the confidence reposed in me for having been selected to serve as an NCN Director and expressed regret that the circumstances do not permit for me to serve the full duration of the term for which I was appointed,” Khan said in a statement.

Imran Khan (left) and Clement Cornette
Imran Khan (left) and Lennox Cornette

“Specifically, I advised the Honourable Prime Minister that in light of the Chairman of the Board having reported to the Board, confirmation of admittance to an act committed by the individual recommended for a senior administrative position, that I could not associate my name with such an appointment. I therefore am of the conviction that continuing as a Director is untenable,” Khan stated.

According to an earlier leaked correspondence, Khan was vehement in expressing his concerns about the appointment of Cornette, who had admitted to forging a signature at a previous place of employment (GT&T).

In the leaked correspondence, Khan had hinted that he would not be able to continue as a director of NCN’s Board if Cornette was appointed.

“Regrettably, I view the decision of the Board to proceed with the appointment in light of the available information as reckless and imprudent,” Khan said in his statement to the media today.

“The foregoing constitutes the full extent of my comments on this matter at this time,” he added.


  1. I believe,where Khan is concerned,according to an old Guyanese proverb,there is more in the mortar than the pestle.Khan had believed that NCN was a government entity,but was told by the President,that the Opposition must be allowed to air their views on it,but Khan disagreed,and insisted that it is a government entity.So,Cornette was not the only grouse.In Cornettes` case,according to the alleged incident he had while working at GT&T,he was not charged for,but admitted his wrongdoing.It is also alleged,that Cornette was employed at other places after that incident,but was commended for the way he had performed.An individual can change his/her lifestyle after behaving a certain.

  2. Imran Khan resigns as NCN Director – over appointment of Cornette as CEO
    Those that cant be sent of leave – life will be made most disgusting for them on the job where crooks will be giving them their orders. They will fall by the wayside one by one until all things are put in place for a complete 100% PNC… oh happy days are here again…remember the song– another one bite the dust?

  3. This came as no surprise, I wonder how the same thing did not occur with GPL board Chairman, based on your description Imran of the Newspaper Chairman, him and Badal sound similar. Pure arrogance

  4. What is Honourable about Nagamootoo? The man has no shame, why don’t you tell the truth that he is dictating the pace at the (Chronicle and NCN) and you cant take it anymore is the reason for your resignation.


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