Important for 2nd & 3rd generation Guyanese living overseas to know about their country of origin – Foreign Secretary

Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud

Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud on Wednesday reiterated the importance of second and third generation Guyanese living overseas to know about their country of origin.

He made the remarks during a virtual read-aloud with the Office of the Queens Borough President. This is one of several initiatives conceptualised to foster greater relationship between the Office of the Queens Borough President and the Guyanese Diaspora in New York.

As part of promoting Guyana to younger generations in the diaspora in a captivating way, a short video on sea turtles was shown, followed by a STEM activity to further reinforce the knowledge gained from the video. Guyana’s Education Minister Priya Manickchand also read a short story during the programme.

“We want to get more Guyanese living in the diaspora more involved in the development process of our country. But we also want our children to be engaged, our children to know more about where their parents were born, or where they migrated from, and we do hope through these types of initiatives and the stories you’ll here, will encourage you to learn more to discuss with your friends and even to encourage your parents to take you to Guyana,” Persaud expressed.

“[This] event is simple but also significant in the fact that we’re trying to bridge the gap or understanding of our young people, particularly the second or third generation Guyanese who live in the United States or the wider Diaspora, in appreciating, understanding and being aware of Guyana,” he added.

Back in April, Persaud had said that the Government is partnering with the International Organisation for Migration to target the second and third generation migrant population and fill the demands in several sectors.

The aim, according to Persaud, is for them to come back: to serve/volunteer, and work with both the Government; Private Sector, civil society, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and groups that are in need of special care, attention and support.

“We don’t want to lose the second and third generation of Guyanese living overseas, losing interest and also missing out on the opportunities here but also to attract their skill and capital to support what is taking place,” the Foreign Secretary had said at the time.