IMPACS Director urges Guyana to change the perception about itself

IMPACS Executive Director, Francis Forbes

Caricom Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) Executive Director Francis Forbes is urging Guyana and the Caribbean at large to change the perception about itself in order to achieve a successful investor friendly environment.

Forbes was speaking at day two of the Guyana investment conference. He said there are some urgent steps required including the introduction and strengthening of the legislative framework.

He highlighted the enactment of anti-gang laws, the modernising of anti-money laundering and racketeering laws as some areas that can be examined.

However, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh in his presentation has cautioned officials in presuming to know what is best for Guyana.

He noted that often times the cases of corruption that are reported in the media are just used as mascots in the political contest.

He also cited cases in the United States and United Kingdom, stating that even in these countries there are instances of mismanagement but these are not celebrated in the way they are done locally.

But despite this, Dr. Singh said while these occurrences are present in these countries, it does not make it an excuse for the incidents in Guyana as it is the obligation of government to ensure strong institutional structures are in place to curb these acts.

To this end he has urged those members of the expert community to not engage in political contests and leave the rhetoric to politicians. [Delicia Fletcher]