‘If the PPP wants to win Elections, they need to build a Time Machine’ – Social Commentator

Social Commentator and award winning Guyanese Author, Ruel Johnson.

By Fareeza Haniff

Social Commentator and award winning Guyanese Author, Ruel Johnson.
Social Commentator and award winning Guyanese Author, Ruel Johnson.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Social Commentator, Ruel Johnson does not believe that the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government can win the next general and regional elections with a majority.

Johnson, an award winning Guyanese Author, who is also known for being a harsh critic of the government, referred to the administration’s incompetence in public office during his appearance on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM today, Sunday December 13, with guest, Radha Motielall, a media practitioner.

He told the Host of the Programme, Chris Chapwanya that the PPP needs to build a time machine if they are to win the next elections, which is slated for 2015.

“For the PPP to win elections with a majority, they need to hire some scientists and build a time machine…because they’ve lost opportunities, there’s been a great deal of decimation of support based on a lot of things that cannot be remedied; incompetence in public office, a great deal of things you cannot fix. The most the PPP could aim for right now is a hard nose practical approach to getting a functional plurality…the PPP will get, very likely a plurality as they have now but it’s going to be a reduced plurality,” Johnson opined.

He believes that the PPP is aware of this, thus why they are constantly attacking the Opposition Party – the Alliance For Change (AFC).

“That’s why the focus has been on attacking the AFC which has the greatest chance of reducing their [PPP] plurality further.”

If this happens, Johnson believes it will force some PPP members to look at the issue of constitutional reform.

“What that does essentially is to hopefully force the few people who might still be sensible in the PPP to say you know what, it is time we look seriously at constitutional reform.”

Meanwhile, Motielall, in giving a layman’s perspective explained that 95 percent of persons she has spoken with do not care which Party is in government.

Media practitioner, Radha Motielall.
Media practitioner, Radha Motielall.

“They don’t care who is the Minister of what; they don’t care about the economical growth and the constitutional reforms and all of that, they want to be able to live in peace, to be living in a clean environment. A lot of people say what the PPP did is suicidal is that while you have so many accusations and scandals plaguing the Party, they expect to at least hear in one or two instances, somebody’s said if you’re not fired, at least step aside for a minute, let’s look at it. Come to the people and say, we’re looking at it. Don’t come to the people and say it’s the Opposition’s fault or people are just attacking us. It’s like having your head stuck in the sand,” Motielall said.

Given the Opposition’s majority in Parliament, Motielall pointed out that there has not been a genuine effort from both sides [government and Opposition] to “really work together.”

President Donald Ramotar prorogued Guyana’s Parliament on November 10 in an effort to stave off a No – Confidence Motion brought against his government by the AFC.

His calls for dialogue with the Opposition fell on deaf ears and he has since decided to announce a date for elections in early 2015.



  1. Go for the machine,Ruel, go for it. With this machine ,you might even become PRESIDENT FOR LIFE. Go for it ,my boy, go for it..

  2. If the PNC/APNU want to win this elections they need to get Ruel Johnson’s imaginary wishlist, Freddie to pronounce words correctly, Burnham’s rigging machine, Granger back in the army, Hammie to clean up congress place, GECOM to fall asleep, Ropert to speck the truth about Rodney, Greenidge to learn economics, Vanessa Kissoon back on the front bench, a giant size eraser to erase from the country’s history books, and ALL GUYANESE TO GET AMNESIA……
    3 hrs · Like · 4

  3. Ruel should receive a literary prize for being the LOCAL JULES VERNE. In fact he is even better than this famous science fiction writer.I’ll leave a quote for this EGOTIST whose EGO is now bigger than our 83,000 square miles.”PROFESSING THEMSELVES TO BE WISE THEY BECAME FOOLS”

  4. This Ruel character is a classical case of the negative effects of a bloated egotist. He now makes pronouncements on everything under the sun…how sad !! He should stick to literature ….

  5. um a wite man from merica told afc that they will win the 06 elections by a landslide.
    he grabbed the money and ran..so dick did in fact dicked them real good.
    well poor ruel is accustomed to being dicked so he will be on trotman side always.
    garbage in garbage out

  6. What a suggestion from this GREAT WRITER! It seems like Ruel Johnson has now metamorphosed into being a SCIENCE FICTION WRITER. Would this great scholar please explain to me what is a time machine? And how on earth will it help the PPP to win an election? I wish to suggest to this great WRITER, SCIENCE FICTION WRITER now turned POLITICIAN to build a time machine for your party AFC [in fact you are really PNC] so that it can win 80-90 per cent of the votes.This will ensure that you will become the CULTURE MINISTER for life .”When I say life, I mean ‘LIFE'”[Quote from LINDEN FORBES SAMPSON BURNHAM]

  7. get real ruel, keep your horse manure to yourself.
    don’t be so cruel
    everyone knows that like burke you are another PNC Stooge.
    The PNC rigged all elections and maybe you can lease that rigging machine.
    Problem is both PNC Presidents, Forbes Burnham and Hoyte are six feet under.
    Now they are really in the manure business!

  8. Johnson, Johnson, u r so dum, ,
    So if the ppp stop attacking. The afc they will win the election,
    Johnson please ask GECOM what happened to 19 ballot boxes that belong to the PPP in 2011 election?
    U don’t want ppp to attack the AFC because constant attack will cause the masses to reconsider their vote to AFC.
    AFC has leadership problem and according to Mr YUSUF ,, the afc has so much corruption as a party that their members are now returning to the PPP.
    By simple arithmetic, the PPP will end up the a majority, and more seats.
    If the afc can convert millions in bigan, what more magic u want to see
    Johnson if u want to come relevant VOTE PPP because I believe u want hydropower, ,speciality hospital, modern airport and more oil rig and a secured future for the younger johnsons

  9. Mr. Johnson, You are not qualified to make such a statement as “slated for 2015”
    Who told you that elections are slated for 2015? Only the Democratic President, can say when elections will be. Too often you make irresponsible statements. You remind me of a husband and wife (common marriage maybe) that goes by the name
    Guy(husband) and Ana(wife) they are elements/instruments like yourself that are being used by the devil to try and fool innocent minds. The impression I got from Guy & Ana is that the couple must be very poor financially to accuse us of making 50k.
    The couple of few words state “another paid ppp blogger” Really?? Are these poor/evil minds serious? Let me ask the husband, Mr. Guy, Are you sure we are paid blogger? Tell me now Mr. Guy, who is the individual that pays me? Please state your proof, so that we can get to the bottom of this.

  10. Johnson is just angry that has book was not published. Similar to the opposition attacking every minister, Johnson wants to attack the PPP. However his statements hold no merit. He is worried that the opposition is loosing it’s grounds.


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