Bandit killed in botched robbery identified as Albouystown resident

Elisha Simon De Florimonte was killed by a licenced firearm holder

By Ramona Luthi

The suspected bandit who was shot and killed during a foiled robbery on Wednesday morning in Diamond, East Bank Demerara was positively identified as an Albouystown resident.

Elisha Simon De Florimonte was killed by a licenced firearm holder
Elisha Simon De Florimonte

According to reports gathered he was identified as Elisha Simon De Florimonte, 20, of Hunter Street, Albouystown, Georgetown, by a close relative. He was shot twice to the neck by a licensed firearm holder when he attempted to break into the man’s home and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre.

It was reported that he and an accomplice, identified as a 27-year-old West Ruimveldt man, were attempting to gain entry into a home belonging to a miner in 5th Avenue Diamond New Housing Scheme when the man discharged a few rounds in their direction.

De Florimonte was fatally shot in the process. The accomplice was subsequently arrested and is expected to be charged shortly.


  1. Fantastic! Don’t give these animals a second chance if the government and police forces are so incompetent at defending the ordinary man. It will become lawless,but if ordinary man starts to get their hand on guns too then it will become a ‘fairer’ playing field.. Just a thought.Let’s stand up for freedom and the rights of all in Guyana !

  2. great, have no mercy on these pigs. the government is a waste of time now they want to stop giving licenses to civilians so these pigs can continue to rob us.

  3. Great job…congrats!! Kill these animals out. Let us take back our beautiful Guyana from these barbaric beasts

  4. Well done, just shoot and kill. As the government can’t protect the state. They had all the answers while in opposition. Now it’s becoming worse and nothing is done


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