ICT programme will prepare youth for future – Minister McCoy



Minister of Public Affairs Kwame McCoy presents this young woman with a special prize at the closing ceremony


Thirty-one youths of Region Five are now more empowered after completing basic ICT training through the Government’s “Community ICT Training Programme.”

Minister of Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy MP, in his address at the closing ceremony, said the programme aimed to introduce the youth to Information and Communications Technology as it is an important tool in national development. He also noted the advantages of ICT in doing business faster and connecting globally.

Minster McCoy said the PPP/C Government will always invest in educating the youth as they are the ones who will help to shape the development of communities, regions and the wider country.

“It is for us, a very exciting period where we can work to make sure that our young people come up to speed, rise to the occasion, that you are prepared.

“We prepare you for the future and we prepare you for the world of technology and we prepare you for the world of work, and we prepare you for the successes of the future.”

Minister McCoy also said the training was designed for this target group, and sessions would be held in communities countrywide.

“We will be doing this because we want to be able to have you advance to that stage of grasping the understanding and the use of information and communication technology.”

This young man receives his certificate of completion


The Public Affairs Minister noted that during its previous tenure the PPP/C Government recognised the need to invest in ICT programmes, which were derailed by the Coalition. He said a lot has been done to get the programme restarted since taking office a year ago.

“This programme, the ICT Programme restarted. The One Laptop Per Family is a component that we will be reinstating as a People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government.

“It is very important to do this because as a developing country, we are at a disadvantage, many of our people are at a disadvantage in many ways and as a result we need to help people to come up to speed.”

The training aimed at building individual capacities in keeping with the wider Government programmes to invest in people to foster a modern society, and generate wealth for all.

Minister McCoy urged the youth to add to what they have learnt and to capitalise on the opportunity to participate in more advanced training when it becomes available.

MP Faizal Jaffarally MP presenting another young man with his certificate of competition


Meanwhile, several of the participants expressed their gratitude for the four-day training.

Mr. Nelvin Seeram said, “I will take this knowledge with me and help my colleagues in school because this basic IT training and since we will be doing it for CSEC, this will help us in many different ways, this programme was a success.” He received a prize for his outstanding performance.

Student, Ms. Narifa Mohammed, also lauded the programme. “I learnt a lot of things during this training, a lot of things that will help me better in my IT Classes,” she said.

Region Five Chairman Vickchand Ramphal handing over a certificate to another student

Another student, Ms. Anna Persaud expressed similar sentiments.

The training programme covered topics including Internet Computing, Hardware and Software and Office Productivity.

To date, sessions have been held in Regions Three, Six and Five with more than 200 persons trained.

The training was done through a collaboration between the Industry and Innovation Unit and the Department of Public Affairs within the Office of the Prime Minister. Regional Chairman, Mr. Vickchand Ramphal, Faizal Jaffarally MP, also attended the closing ceremony.