ICON LNG imports 100th container of natural gas for DDL


ICON LNG Guyana, Inc. (ICON LNG) has announced that it has achieved a milestone in Guyana with the importation and delivery of its 100th ISO container of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

LNG is a reliable and environmental friendly fuel that is quickly replacing coal, heavy fuel oil and diesel as the world’s demand for clean, safe and affordable energy supplies increases in the post-COVID era.

Since the end of 2019, ICON LNG, Guyana’s first domestic LNG company, has supplied LNG to Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) to be used for power generation. DDL is the first Guyanese company to recognize the benefits of LNG as a fuel for electricity production and uses it to run dual fuel gas/diesel generators that support its distillery operations in Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

The LNG arrives to DDL in standard 40’ multi-modal ISO containers that keep it chilled to minus 160 degrees Celsius. The LNG containers are connected to a regasification terminal that warms the LNG to ambient temperatures where it naturally changes into natural gas.

Finally, the natural gas is piped directly into DDL’s dual fuel generators.

“ICON manages the supply chain from the point of tank filling outside of Guyana to tank delivery at DDL’s compound, while DDL operators oversee the day-to-day gas and engine operations on the ground,” explains Delmar Walcott, ICON’s Country Manager. He further explains, “The entire process of shipping LNG and its regasification is safe and proven to be effective all over the world. While here in Guyana our installation at DDL is small, it still provides our customer with cost savings and significant environmental benefits through reductions in emissions of CO2, Sulphur and particulate matter.”

DDL currently uses the LNG to help power two dual fuel engines installed at its distillery in Great Diamond. Given LNG’s low carbon and Sulphur content, with the 100th tank delivered DDL has avoided emitting air pollution equal to 2,231 tons of CO2, 22,290 kilograms of Sulfur dioxide and 2,041 kilograms of particulate matter.

Additionally, LNG offers cost savings relative to imported diesel fuel.

ICON LNG sees further growth in Guyana and the greater Caribbean region with its LNG as global demand for energy pushes oil prices to higher levels and energy producers and consumers seek cleaner fuel alternatives. “We are committed to helping our customers lower their emissions profile using LNG. And switching from diesel does not have to sacrifice fuel reliability or profitability. We are speaking to several private companies as well as larger public utilities. Interest is definitely growing,” stated Mr. Walcott.

ICON LNG offers a full turn-key solution for companies seeking to use LNG for power generation or for their process heating requirements. The firm designs and installs custom dual fuel engine systems, LNG regasification systems and offers a fully managed supply chain of LNG deliveries in medium to long term contracts.