ICD urges GECOM, Judiciary to do honorable, just and right thing


Full statement:

The International Center for Democracy (ICD) along with the ABCE countries, CARICOM, International and Local Observer Groups / Organizations is calling on the APNU regime, GECOM and members of the Judiciary to do the honorable, just and right thing now for the good of Guyana and all Guyanese.

It has been almost fours weeks now that Guyanese went to the polls to execute their constitutional right to chose the next President and government and to date are still in limbo not knowing who their next President or government will be.

The tabulation process for the declaration of the Elections has been acknowledged by most countries, International and local entities to be fraudulent, lack transparency and fairness. Many court proceedings have since been pursued to address the demands for a recount of the ballots, for GECOM to make public the Statement of Polls (SOPs) and to issue a final Election declaration that is free, fair and transparent to the satisfaction of competing parties and all Guyanese.

The ABCE countries and CARICOM have made it known that should the President be sworn in without the tabulation process not being free, fair and transparent Guyana and identified individuals will be subjected to sanctions which would could include freezing of assets, limiting business transactions, revocation of visas etc.

The ICD demands that GECOM gets back to work and not hide under the coats of the judiciary and immediately start the recount in the presence of CARICOM, International and Local Observers and party representatives and publish the SOPs currently in their possession.

The ICD demands that once the recount is completed in a free, fair and transparent manner GECOM must immediately issue the Elections declaration for the 2020 General and Regional Elections.

The ICD along with the ABCE countries, CARICOM, International and Local Observer Groups / Organizations will continue to monitor this process to the end and to ensure that Democracy In Guyana prevails and that the next government is a legitimate one.