IAC wants PPP to support APNU+AFC government

President Donald Ramotar on stage with some of the performers at the IAC Mela
Former President Donald Ramotar and others at a recent IAC Mela
Former President Donald Ramotar and others at a recent IAC Mela

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) is calling on the Opposition People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) to support the new APNU+AFC government, given the fact that the Party has been at the forefront of the struggle for political, economic, social and national development in Guyana.

A statement from the Indian Body on Tuesday, June 16 noted that the PPP/C will always have a role in the development of Guyana and therefore, they should not embark on a policy of non – cooperation towards the new government.

“The IAC believes, however that in 2015, the PPP should not embark upon a policy of non-cooperation and civil disobedience following the recently held general and regional elections but should pursue one of critical support for the new administration.

“The IAC believes that the PPP should give critical support to the APNU+AFC Coalition government for any progressive measure related to those activities, programs and policies that would achieve national cohesion under the “One Nation” rubric of national development but oppose any reactionary moves and criticize all shortcomings,” the statement noted.

The statement further called on the PPP to defend Guyana’s territorial integrity against Venezuela’s threat.

“The IAC calls upon the PPP to pursue these initiatives immediately in order to defend the national interest as defined in terms of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity against the threat of external interference by Venezuela.”

The IAC also reiterated its call for the PPP/C to take its 32 seats in the National Assembly “and present a united front with the coalition government against the brazenly immoral claims of belligerent Venezuela.”

“The IAC urges the PPP to understand that the destabilization of the APNU+AFC Coalition government by external forces would automatically lead to the demise of the former itself,” the IAC statement concluded.



  1. The new government will never fall into the trap of corruption that the PPP encouraged. They have more discipline and go into government to serve the people, not themselves

  2. Remember in Batman,they have a villain called “Two Face”.Hmm I wonder,which face.Time will tell and the benifit of the doubt should be embraced.

  3. PPP should continue to protest the election as long as they can until transparency and democracy can be achieved

  4. The police sgt is a microcosm, there are snr officers in the business too. What about Sattuar and all he pickneys in the GRA? This man cannot be trusted and should have been investigated a long time ago. Why is’nt this being done? I have voted for a change, not the same.

  5. Inewsguyana,

    You guys are doing a fine job constantly turning out news stories during the course of the day. You have to step up your game with the editing and allow for bloggers to edit their own blogs.

  6. The problem for the PPP, which the IAC conveniently ignores, is that its so-called view of social, economic and political programs were all mired in corruption. If a bridge or road was built, it involved kickbacks. If a contract for supplies was awarded, it involved overpricing and kickbacks. In every area of activity, corruption was the thread that linked them.
    Now, the PPP should go to Parliament and redeem itself by helping ensure the coalition does not fall into the same behaviors. Be an effective opposition if it hopes to one day become part of effective government.


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