IAC calls on Govt to publicly state plans for ‘distressed’ sugar workers


The Indian Action Committee (IAC) today said it is extremely concerned with the ‘distressed state’ of the sugar industry in Guyana in light of the closure of a number of estates in the country.

In a statement issued earlier today, the IAC said it feels strongly about the matter and would continue to raise its voice in support of all those sugar workers, their families, and their dependents, and all other persons who will be indirectly adversely affected by their dislocation.

“The IAC is of the opinion that the sugar workers of the recently closed Wales Sugar Estate have been abandoned, and the organisation is fearful that this pattern of abandonment will be repeated as the sugar estates are closed down”, the statement noted.

The IAC said it believes that “the time has come for sugar workers and the nation as a whole to be told in clear language what is the plan to safeguard the livelihood of the workers and their communities, which are predominantly populated by Indo-Guyanese”.

According to the IAC, this matter cannot be postponed any longer and is demanding that the short and long term plans for sugar workers and their communities be made known to all relevant stakeholders publicly.






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