IAC calls for Parika Mandir arsonists to be brought to justice

The scorched interior of the Mandir.
The scorched interior of the Mandir.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) has condemned the recent arson attack on the Shri Krishna Dharmic Mandir in Hydronie, East Bank Essequibo.

According to the IAC, such attack on a sacred house of worship must be seen as an act of sacrilege committed on the Hindu brothers and sisters.

“Further, the IAC believes that this unprovoked and callous act is counter – productive to the enviable religious tolerance Guyana is known for. The country’s religious and cultural diversity has been the hallmark of tolerance, peace and tranquility in the co-habitation of its peoples. The participation and celebration in each other’s cultural and religious observances has been the pillar in the fostering of nationhood,” the IAC said in a statement.

The organization noted that such acts have the potential to pose challenges to the harmony and religious forbearance of Guyana. In this regard, the IAC is urging the authorities to spare no effort and to be relentless in pursuing those responsible for the despicable act.

“This act evokes painful memories of the trauma suffered when devotees of the Alexander Village Mandir and residents in the vicinity were bombarded with firecrackers. Relief was only possible following the intervention of the law enforcement agency.”

Members of the Mandir were in total shock after they found the building badly scorched early Sunday morning, December 29. Some members arrived at the Mandir at approximately 7:45hrs and discovered the interior of the building badly burnt, including all of the marble Murtis.

Chairman of the West Coast Demerara Branch of the Dharmic Saba, Jagmohan Persaud told iNews that the perpetrators set the place on fire by setting the window curtains alight.

Persaud however could not say who might have done the damage. He explained to this online news agency that the Mandir was fully secured the night before.

He further explained that there is one particular door within the building which can be opened with a knife. However, this is only known to members closely associated with the Mandir, Persaud told iNews.



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