‘I would never walk off the job when I can give notice’ – Dr Ramayya

  • in response to accusations he abandoned his post and walked off the job as Region 6 REO

Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region Six, Dr Veersammy Ramayya has indicated that he resumed duties today “after a brief vacation oversees”. Ramayya, in a statement to the media, said he is currently working with the council to prepare the region’s budget.

Ramayya, who was accused of “abandoning his post and walking off the job”, explained that at the time he left work on July 15, there were no unsigned documents, contracts or cheques.

Dr Veerasammy Ramayya
Dr Veerasammy Ramayya

According to Ramayya, no financial transaction or processing of worker payments were hampered by his absence as Deputy Regional Executive Officer (DREO) Bhadase Poonai was performing the functions of REO.

He stated that this information could have been easily verified by both his secretary and Poonai.

“When I left here not one document was on my desk. No contract was left unattended and I was clearly disturbed by the accusation widely circulated in the media,” the REO disclosed.

Dr Ramayya said he returned to Guyana on July 26 and immediately resumed duties and has been conducting the council’s business ever since.

However, he noted that due to the allegations and media reports, several commercial banks refused to process business transactions under the council’s account.

“When I came this morning there was about $6M in cheques that could not be processed,” Ramayya said.

However, he disclosed that this situation has since been remedied and the banks have now resumed business with the Regional Administration.

“I would never walk off the job when I can give notice. I’ve worked hard to ensure transparency in this region. It is something I have always been fighting for,” Ramayya said.

The assertion that Dr Ramayya had walked off the job, after months of pressure from his colleagues for his removal, was made by Vice Chairman (VC) of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Dennis DeRoop. The VC had told members of the media that he is convinced the REO has abandoned his post, since no correspondence was received from Dr. Ramayya nor was any temporary replacement made to carry out the functions of the Council.


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