“I was just waiting on this day”- says man who surrendered live rounds

The bag of ammunition handed over to the Police Force
The bag of ammunition handed over to the Police Force
The bag of ammunition handed over to the Police Force

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The man, who handed over 1,191 7.62×51 live rounds of ammunition at a City police station, has expressed satisfaction at the gun amnesty initiative, which gives citizens an opportunity surrender illegal ammunition, arms and explosives.

On Tuesday morning, September 01, the resident walked into the police station with a five gallon bucket, half filled with ammunition which has the power to penetrate concrete walls.

He told the police that as soon as he heard of a decision by the government to have an amnesty programme, he has been waiting patiently for the day. He was recorded as the first person to turn over any of the three categories of illegal items to the police as part of the amnesty initiative.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, police in ‘A’ Division hosted a press conference where Commander Clifton Hicken and members of the Faith Based Organizations briefed the media on the readiness of the Division to accommodate persons hoping to turn over their arms, ammunition and explosives.

Additionally, Faith Based leaders called on the Guyanese public, especially the young people to make use of the period since it attracts no charges or has no legal implications for them should they hand the items over to the police or a faith based leader of their choice.

According to an advisory from the Public Security Ministry, “all transactions in this amnesty period will be treated with strict confidentiality,.

The Police stations where firearms can be handed in are the Timehri, Ruimveldt, East La Penitence, Brickdam and Alberttown police stations. In ‘B’ Division guns can be turned in at the Fort Wellington, Blairmont, Central, Albion, Whim, No.51, Springlands and Mibicuri police stations. In ‘C’ division, the police stations are: Sparendaam, Beterverwagting, Vigilance, Cove and John, Mahaica and Mahaicony.



  1. https://derrycksgriffith.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/living-in-a-violent-culture-guyana-in-t/

    Living In A Violent Culture-Guyana:

    In the Old Wild West Days in America, every individual who lived in the Outback or Hinterlands had to provide his/her own protection in order to stay alive. Even when little townships were established.

    They were not all Policed by Sheriffs and his deputies. Some towns had No Sheriff, and the wealthiest/richest resident, Bandit, or Gun Slinger controlled the town with his crew.

    GUYANA is fast regressing to that level and state of affairs unfortunately, where owning a firearm may be the only means of Self Defense in the absence of any Swift Police Response to any crisis situation.

    However, we have to be realistic. In civilized societies, Self Policing is no longer accepted, and Law Enforcement Agencies took on that role and responsibility.

    So owning personal firearms require Official Permission, and Mental Evaluations, before allowing or issuing the claimant a firearm.

    And when the recipient/s are unable to use it safely, and responsibly. He/She aught to be deprived of that firearm. Especially if suffering from some Mental Affliction.

  2. One man and his bucket full of stuff. Ramjattan must ask him where are the guns to match those munitions? If not Ramjattan will be the biggest looser politicians while the PNC boys make him the laughing stock like how Harmon does watch Nagamoottoo and laugh at him. In Harmon’s mind he must be saying you Naga man will never get the power you so badly seek in Guyana.


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