“I want them to be home for Christmas” – President pardons 11 women

President David Granger
President David Granger

[www.inewsguyana.com] – After releasing several young men in line with Guyana’s Independence Day, President David Granger has announced that several women have also been given pardons for Christmas.

Speaking on his weekly Public Interest programme, the President explained that he hopes to make it a tradition to pardon young women for Christmas and young men for Guyana’s Independence.

According to Granger, special attention is to be given to mothers.

“My emphasis is on women, women who are mothers and also parents of young children. I want them to be home for Christmas,” said Granger.

The President presented the argument that the longer a person remains in prison, the higher the likelihood that the person may become a repeated offender. In this regard, he posited that it is imperative that some persons be given a second chance.

“I do feel that if a person remains in jail too long, he or she will become a habitual or repetitive offender whereas if he was given a chance to make a turnaround in his life,” he said.

In the past the President has been criticized for pardoning persons, but President Granger stated that pardoned persons will not have their criminal record erased.

Should those persons find themselves on the other side of the law again, they will be unqualified for pardons in the future.

“They would make themselves ineligible in my eyes for release again. I am not a sort of perpetual releaser. If given an opportunity and they waste the opportunity, then they will serve the time,” Granger maintained.



  1. You should start living like a human being and not a pest depending on others for your daily bread.Tell your fellow loosers to get off their lazy behind and go make a living–and not sit and wait for the gravy train to pass bye so you can steal from it.If wasn’t for the ethnic group you despise so much you would know what a beer taste like.

  2. I do agree with you. Also these same prisoners should be monitored when they have been released but nothing is made mention of that.

  3. I am preplexed.l strongly believe in forgivness.yes we aught to forgive but often we must face the consiquence of our unfavourable actions. God forgives but there are times he allows us to pay our penalty when we over step our boundry as a reminder we must make good judgment.l am not in favour of this decision.I always tell my sons one small lie lead to bigger lies as such it should be avoided the best they can.

  4. Criminals need to be rehabilitated before releasing them back into society…. And could an added bonus with a skills program….people need second chances especially mothers…..are the names going to be published?

  5. granger need more vote so has send them home , so next election he will ask them to vote or back in jail ,because he have their file in his hand

  6. You might be supervised RACIST DK to know that the jails have more of your ethnic type,did you stop to think who these women are,you are so filled with the after effects of the election that HATE is taking your 1 FREE LAPEE TOP OVER, IF YOU HAD ANY SENCE OF VALUE AND LOVE AND RESPECT you would be a much happier GUYANESE. START LIVING AS A GUYANESE AND NOT A BABOO,,ARE YOU THE DINNER BOY LUNCH OR TEA DELIVERY WHEN THE CRIMINALS FROM THE HOUSE OF CRIME ON ROBB STREET get jail,

  7. Well what can I say the President must be known what he doing. I hope he will soon be looking into the Water system in certain Regions where the water is filty, not fit for human consumption. The bottle water is a booming business, the poor has no choice but to drink and cook with the brown water . Restaurants and food vendors prepare meals with the tap water. Talk about unfair , some people have water meters , some don’t for years. If we can have mercy on the Prisoners we should have pity on the people that have to pay for discolored water.

  8. President David Granger stated that he is “not a perpetual releaser.” He is now developing a presidential policy which, to my mind, should be welcomed and respected. Almost all of us have done things which should have landed us behind bars, but we were not caught. All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory. ALL of us at one time or the other, needed FORGIVENESS.

  9. “I want them to be home for Christmas” – President pardons 11 women.
    If Grangerbhundhary want them home for Christmas then he must pass laws not to arrest people for these kind of crimes they did in fact committed to be in jail the first place.. Bet your life on it that of the 11 we all know which ethnic group will be home for Christmas.

  10. I think pardoning is good but there should be rehabilitation program available for the prisoners which will enable them to plan their lives when they get out of prison whether they were pardoned or not.


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