I have no intentions of resigning, says newly-elected Councillor Harding


Despite allegations surfacing about child molestation against Winston Harding, a newly-elected Councillor for Georgetown, he remains adamant that he will not vacate his Council seat and does not intend on tendering his resignation from his new post.


Winston Harding
Councillor Winston Harding

Harding, was a candidate for the APNU+AFC in this year’s Local Government Elections for his constituency, but when news spread like wildfire about the child molestation accusations a few days before the local polls, the APNU+AFC stated that it would not support him in the elections.


However, the communities of East and West Ruimveldt did not pull away from supporting him; residents turned up on elections day and voted in favour of him which resulted in him winning against his competitors by a wide margin and securing a spot on the Georgetown City Council.


To date, there has been public uproar as to his position as a Councillor at City Hall but according to the country’s Laws, no Councillor shall be removed from his/her post unless by death or resignation, once he/she has been elected to serve a three-year term.


When asked about whether or not he would be tendering his resignation from the post of Councillor, Harding emphatically stated that he had no intention of doing so.


According to him, until now he was never requested by the APNU+AFC to resign and also does not foresee being asked to tender his resignation from the Office as a City Councillor.


Harding posited that his mission is to now represent citizens of his communities and others throughout the city of Georgetown.


In 2001, Harding was accused of sexually molesting a child, however, the case was thrown out of the Court due to “lack of evidence.”



  1. Recently, I had been reading about the violent crimes and killing of many.hard working and innocent people who are trying to make an honest living in this country. When is the government going to get tough on crime and criminals. I’ve had the privilege of travelling to more than 140 countries around the world (due to my work) and I’ve seen and noticed that many governments out of those countries have been trying to curb crimes in order to boost their economies and public image. What has gone wrong with the government of Guyana? In some countries, if caught in a heinous crime, one would have his hands chopped off or lined against a wall and have a bullet to their heads. Even though I don’t believe in capital punishments. In base ball, you have three strikes and you’re out. In some countries, one crime is the last anyone would ever commit. It’s time to make a public example of these evil criminals. These are not the days of the Old Wild West, where the bully along survives. There should be a sense of law and order to send a stern message. If educating or 2nd chances do not work for such a lifestyle, then cut them off and let others live in an environment of peace and safety.

  2. I agree…!
    Because if an ordinary citizen was found to have committed such an horrible act,
    He would have been charged and imprisoned. Politicians should never be treated differently.

  3. Agreed Wayne. However from a legal standpoint this accused child molester can’t be touched. However if this man had any moral standards he would do the right thing and step down, since he does not possess this then it’s a shame that someone of his calibre will be allowed to remain a councilor and hold a seat. This is truly a slap in the face of all Guyanese and there needs to be serious action taken against this administration for this morally lacking and disturbing development.

  4. As a supporter of this Coalition,I must advise,that it must not take any action on allegations heard,but on the facts of whatever they are.

  5. I believe,as long as you have not been convicted by the Courts,especially because of hearsay or allegations,you must not be termed a CRIMINAL.Mr.Harding is within his rights,to make the decision he has made,to represent his constituency as a Councillor.

  6. I have no intentions of resigning, says newly-elected Councillor Harding
    If this was a PPP member and say what he said you bet your life PNC would done have their tugs on the streets marching and protesting and if PPP dont cave you bet the beatings the muggings the looting and burning would commenced.

  7. You should have been fired without pay and/or pension for the rest of your life. A public figure must be honourable and lead by example at all
    Times. You don’t only represent a political party but your country…!


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