“I don’t know if I will ever get justice, but I want justice” – father of 19-Y-O killed in accident

Parents of the now dead 19-year-old Sachin Persaud: Nandalall Persaud and Bissoondia Badeo

By: La’Wanda McAllister 

Expressing concerns about the reckless use of the roadways by drivers and the length it time it took authorities to take his injured son to a hospital, the father of a 19-year-old killed on Saturday night in an accident is worried that justice will be elusive.

Sachin Persaud of Avenue ‘A’ Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was struck down and ran over by two vehicles in an accident at around 20:00h along the Craig Public Road, EBD – resulting in his demise. 

According to the police, the driver of motorcar PXX 2746 related that he was proceeding north along the western drive lane of Craig Public Road, and while in the vicinity of Natram’s General Store, he observed two pedestrians crossing the road from east to west in front of him.

The man alleged that upon seeing the two persons, he applied brakes and swerved east to avoid a collision but due to the short distance, the left side rear view mirror of his vehicle collided with one of the pedestrians.

Meanwhile, it is also alleged by the driver of motorcar PXX 8548 that he was proceeding south along the eastern drive lane of the said road when he noticed two other motor cars swerve east into the lane in front of him, and on seeing that he applied brakes and swerved west onto the western drive lane of the said road to avoid a collision with the said two motorcars.

In doing so, however, he said he felt the front of his vehicle run over something and immediately stopped to investigate.

Upon checking, he observed that he had run over a male pedestrian who was lying motionlessly underneath his vehicle.

The young man’s parents are still unravelling from the shock they received on Saturday night, after learning of the horrific demise of their teen son.

Dead: Sachin Persaud

“This is affecting us really bad,” the man’s father, Nandalall Persaud shared during an interview with this publication.

The man said he was at work when he received a call that his son was involved in an accident and that he should go to the scene immediately. He said at the time he could not leave his post and was in disbelief of the news he had received.

“I heard that he was over the road buying water, and whilst crossing the road, the speeding vehicle hit him and the other one run him over. They broke up his hand and foot, fracture his skull and put a hole in his head.”

“I saw him alive (on Saturday) at about 1:30. He just come in, I was in the chair and he just call for me and asked me what happen and he left because he works at a shop in Grove. He was finished working…when it happen, I couldn’t leave the site because I was the only security there,” he said.

The tearful man said the death of his son has really shaken his family and it still feels surreal to hear his son lost his life at such a young age.

“It is not easy!”

“This is hurting us much more than we expected. It is not easy! This is terrible to know that my last child… I grew them up, I punish and work and I and my wife grow them up,” the man said.

Persaud said with how the judicial system in Guyana continues to fail many families across the country, he is unsure if he will get justice for his son’s death. However, the man said he is hoping for the best.

“I don’t know if I will ever get justice but I want justice. If not, I want them to come to compromise…the 23rd of July this year he would have been 20. He was just 19.”

“Imagine this child get hit by and went under a car and the police was there and they took about two hours to move him before they could take him to the hospital. It was spirited citizens had to lift the car to take him out.”

The young man’s mother, Bissoondia Badeo said she is hoping that justice is served for her son because she worked very hard to maintain him and he did not deserve such a gruesome death.

“I work in rain and sun to mind my children so that they can get so big. Everybody knows how hard I work to take care of my children and now this,” she voiced.

Meanwhile, the other pedestrian who was crossing the road with the teen at the time he met his demise was identified as his girlfriend’s sister.

The teen, who did not give her name, said before crossing the road, Persaud told her to be careful before she gets hit by a vehicle as they began crossing the road. The teen said she ran across and later heard an impact.

“Before we cross, he told me to be careful before I get knock down when we cross the road, I run over and then I heard a sound,” she explained.

Investigations are ongoing.