“I cry every day, I can’t cope, I feel helpless” – mother demands justice for youth gunned down at Middle Road

Navindra Samaroo

By: LaWanda McAllister

The parents of 23-year-old Navindra Samaroo, who was shot dead at Middle Road, La Penitence, Georgetown moments after conducting transactions for his company on July 23, expressed disappointment with the Guyana Police Force’s slothful investigation into their son’s death.

Sugrim Samarroo, the victim’s father, explained that he has fallen ill since his son died. According to Sugrim, he is stressing a lot, and compounding the situation is the fact that they are not hearing anything from the police.

“We are feeling very, very upset. I was hospitalised because of the stress, and how I am taking on the problem, because we are not getting any results coming out from the matter as yet…nobody doesn’t even call us to tell us anything. We made efforts to follow up with an officer, but it is the same thing”, he explained.

The man said he is in the process of losing his job because he is not as strong as he used to be due to the sickness he is experiencing since his son died.

On July 23, Navindra, who was a marketing representative, visited the bank and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to conduct the company’s business, after which, he went home to collect lunch.

However, on his way back to work, he was shot and killed at Middle Road, La Penitence, Georgetown.

Following the young man’s death, one person was arrested and is accused of being the mastermind behind the robbery and the man’s death. INews understands that the suspect was a close family friend.

According to reports, the suspect had information that Navindra would have been transporting a large amount of cash, which was not true. The family friend is allegedly the man who gave that information to the persons who conducted the robbery, which later led to Samaroo being shot and killed.

The victim’s parents told this publication that shortly after the suspect was released on bail, he and two other boys were in the community, taunting them.

As such, they called the police and he was arrested for a second time. Nonetheless, he was released shortly after.

“When we first call the station, the corporal told us that this is Guyana and he can’t do anything. We had to call Brickdam and they sent a vehicle and they rearrest him back, because he has no right to come back around here… he was released again… we were afraid because he came back with two other boys,” the father stated.

The family said they met with the Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum during this week, and he assured them that he do all he can to deliver justice.

Meanwhile, the dead man’s mother Valini Shivcharran said she needs justice for her son because it is torturous to know that the person who killed him is roaming the streets freely.

“I cry every day, I can’t cope, I can’t sleep, I can’t do nothing, I am totally drained. I feel helpless,” she expressed.