‘I couldn’t find a job’ – phone thief tells police


A 20-year-old man of Prashad Nagar, Georgetown was on Thursday charged for stealing a cellular phone from a 17-year-old girl several days ago.

Kevin Abrams was placed on $25,000 bail when he made his appearance before Magistrate Peter Hugh at the Number 51 Magistrates’ Court.

Abrams told investigators that he committed the crime because he could not find a job.

The victim, Kelly Singh, was walking home at Number 55 Village, Corentyne Berbice when she was attacked by Abrams.

Abrams reportedly punched to teen to her back twice, causing her to fall on the ground. He then grabbed her cellular phone and then dealt her several more cuffs to her face and stomach.

The teen began screaming for help. Villagers rushed to her aid and quickly began to trail the perpetrator, who was escaping on foot.

Police officers, who were in the area, joined the chase.

Realising he was outnumbered, Abrams jumped into a trench in his final bid to escape but he was apprehended.

Abrams reportedly told investigators that he was experiencing challenges in securing a job in Georgetown and as such, he ventured to Berbice with hopes of gaining employment.

However, after several failed attempts, he alleged that he resorted to that act of petty crime.