“I can point back my fingers” – Sharma on rape allegations being used against APNU


By Jomo Paul

Leader of the Justice For All Party (JFA), Jaipaul Sharma

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Leader of the Justice For All Party (JFA), Jaipaul Sharma says that he is ready to face the possibility of mudslinging from political opponents as A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) continues its elections campaigning process.

The JFA recently rejoined the APNU after quitting the towel in early 2014 following a parliamentary spat with Education Minister Priya Manickchand during which she reminded him of the allegations of rape leveled against his father Chandra Narine Sharma.

Following the issue, Sharma announced his resignation from the Party, reportedly saying that he does not think the coalition did enough to come to his aid during the spat with Manickchand.

But a reinvigorated Sharma at an APNU Press conference on Friday, February 06 made it clear that he was ready for the possible ramifications of returning to the political sphere during this period.

He pointed out that he is mentally prepared for the effects of the campaigning and the rape allegations made against his father to be used against the APNU.

Sharma said that only recently a senior government official’s son appeared in Court charged with raped.

“So for me, rape is not a big issue for me, because if they are going to point fingers, I could point back too,” Sharma told the press conference adding “if they going to want to put Priya Manickchand Murli against me, I can handle it.”

In addition, Sharma said that although his Party is now a part of the coalition again, he does not expect to get a parliamentary seat coming out of the upcoming elections.

He said that the coalition has a lot of partners that need to be satisfied hence his JFA will not place that “pressure on the APNU.”




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