I believe Colwyn Harding – AFC Leader

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan
The injured Colwyn Harding.
The injured Colwyn Harding.

[www.inewsguyana.com]Leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan has come out in full defense of alleged rape victim, Colwyn Harding.

Following conflicting reports relating to Harding’s alleged condomised baton rape, Ramjattan, who is also a Lawyer was asked if he believed Harding’s story.

“I would want to believe Mr. Colwyn Harding because as a practicing lawyer, I know very well of the rogue elements of the police force,” the AFC Leader told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday, January 22.

Ramjattan reminded of the incident with the young man who was tortured at the Leonora Police Station a few years ago by police officers who burned his genitals.

“In this Colwyn Harding case, we have supporting testimony that I’ve seen videos of and it is my opinion clearly that this thing happened and it is going to be terribly out of place and totally outlandish that somebody is going to come and say that this thing happened to him without their being some iota of truth to it… beatings and then pushing up his rectum and all of that. It is clearly a case where it happened and at this stage based on the written statements that I’ve seen and some videos that I’ve seen, I believe and I’m very convinced and I feel in the Court of law (when that time comes), any judicial tribunal of facts and law will believe.”

Following reports of the alleged rape, the accused Police Constable, Devin Mahendra Singh has been placed under close arrest, while the other ranks from the Timehri Police Station were transferred to Georgetown.

An investigation from the Office of Police Professional Responsibility was completed on Tuesday, findings of which are slated to be made public soon.

Harding was discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital today, according to Hospital sources.





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