“I am not going back to black tea” – PPP Region 10 Rep

A section of the crowd at PPP's Linden rally

By Jomo Paul

A section of the crowd at PPP's Linden rally
A section of the crowd at PPP’s Linden rally

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Region Ten representative of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, Pamela Sauers – Rambarran says that under the PPP government she has been drinking “milk tea” and she does not wish to go back to the days of “black tea.”

Rambarran was at the time delivering remarks at PPP Region Ten Rally held in Silvertown Linden on Sunday, April 12. According to Rambarran, the PPP has developed Guyana to the stage where milk tea is no longer a privilege and she refuses to go back to the days when it was.

“I am so privileged I drink milk I am not going to drink black tea…If you want to continue drinking milk tea like me vote for the PPP, she said to an early crowd of just about 1000 persons.

Meanwhile, Junior Finance Minister Bishop Juan Edghill in compounding Rambarran’s statement said that “the days of black tea in Guyana is long gone.”

“It’s about continuing for the future and that is why we are working very hard together,” Edghill further stated.

Meanwhile, PPP Youth Rep and Linden resident, Dr Gregory Harris told the crowd that the youths of today are more sensitized and therefore should not fall prey to the “propaganda” of the Peoples National Congress (PNC).

“We are ensuring and securing our future…this is only possible with the vote of the PPP,” Harris said. He pointed out that it was under the PPP government that several developmental projects were launched to the betterment of Guyana.

“We aim to provide support to teen mothers through second chances program…this is only possible with the PPP/C….the PPP will continue to make housing development a priority,” he noted.

It was at this point that Dr Harris warned about that the electorate should be wary of PNC propaganda.

“For three years they had the majority and they have done nothing for us and now they are telling us that they have a youth manifesto…it is shame…do not allow the opposition to brainwash you, do not allow the opposition to spread their propaganda,” he said.



  1. Hawkeye, You boast a lot about your Phantom, Were you a member of the Phantom? OR are you a member of the phantom? What knowledge do you have about the Crum, your pawn death? Are you working for Felix? Do you think we should play those tapes on the trail? “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape”

  2. Fools like you don’t and should not speak for me. It’s morons like you that make me turn in my grave.

  3. Now I understand why Pastor James David Manning said “what’s wrong with you people”, “what’s wrong with you people”? You people take the whole “TEA” thing out of context. Flour? Peas, Channa, Potato, Sardine, Apple, Grapes, Nuts? and more than a hundred other items. Today Guyanese are not criminalize to eat bread and pie. PNC life was really, really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I was there!

  4. I would never say shut up to you. The more I hear the trash from you I’m convinced that with all the milk in your tea, you will continue to be just a next moron of ppp vintage. Perhaps is people like you the phantom had in their midst.

  5. Just think that this is a campaign mantra, made famous by one of the phantom killers. They did’nt say that the same guy who started the tea nonsense was in the gang that have murdered over 400 Guyanese of African ancestry? So all of those that hold on to that mantra, just remember what is likely to be. repeated. Guess we’ll have a Soba in Linden, don’t you think so?

  6. I am living in a developed country and most people prefer drinking black tea or coffee. Especially herbal tea including me as it taste better. This is not because they are poor. Cheeky bugger.

  7. PPP Calender :

    1966 – 1985 ( PNC, Blackouts, Food flour ban, Kick down the door bandits )
    1985 – 1992 ( Amnesia)
    1992 – Present ( convenient Amnesia – we only remember 1966-1985)

    Actual Calender

    1966 – 1985 (PNC, Blackouts, flour ban, kick down the door bandits)
    1985 – 1992 (PNC, Reduced blackouts, Reduced crime, Flour ban lifted ( 1985)
    1992 – 2000 ( PPP, Reduced blackouts, Monica Reece……)
    2000 – Present ( PPP, increased blackouts, housing drive, executions, Amaila road; Surendra Eng, Roger Khan, The corpulent virago attack on the US ambassador, Goat man, dolphin man, garbage lady, garbage city, chat3 …etc etc.

  8. I’m 22 years of age l don’t know much abt the pppc but wat I hav seen as a young adult they hav no future for the poor or the middle class people,I’m a police officer an I work for 56000 a month my house rent 20,000 my monthly travel passages 16,000 plus I hav daughter who goes to school,it is hard in me with my salary an this government is not seeing a way to raise our salary,so for a Change of government I will advice people to give Apnu an Afc a chance to prove them self,so my people of Guyana vote the party with mind set change Apnu-AFC

  9. Get lost wid yuh poor self.
    Black Tea give the runs.
    Burnham said, we doan need school. We can larn unda a coconut tree.
    Looks like when u was larning a coconiut fall on u head.

  10. Tea is a luxury and in many countries it is the culture instead of drinking rum and alcoholic beverages.
    The fools who say Black Tea is best is just fools end of story.
    They say it is good but good for what?Tell me or shut up.
    I say shet u stupit mout and say something sweet, like putting a nice piece of caramel and cream in the black Tea.
    Give she Black Tea and she gon gee u wan slap!

  11. Milk versus black tea? Really? Is that all these jackasses have to provide an argument? I feel bad for that crowd of 1000 that had to stand there and listen to all that crap.

  12. de lady shout shet she traps up since black tea is good for ya..i drink my tea black all the time..i used to love white tea..laced with milk n sugar and one day this elderly gentle man saw what i was pouring into my tea and came up to me and said ” i know you love your tea white with sugar to make it sweet but one day you will regret it since it wont be good for you” I told him tanks unlce. he said” by de way me ah jamacian an me bin used to love me tea like you wan until it stap me” again i said to him thanks and that i will think about it..that thing played on my mind all the way home..i tired black tea..cant stand it..i tried one one sip each day and pretty soon i get the idea..black tea is the best ting for ya ..say u dont want to do back to pnc days where where guyanese were like were living in a big concentration camp

  13. Its very sad when fools drink TEA!! With milk, tea is best enjoyed as TEA!! The problem with these soup drinkers is BLACK, the thing is many of them realy dont know what black is, just take a look in the mirror amd you will see your true colour..


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