“I am going back for the majority!” – President Ramotar declares

Former President, Donald Ramotar.


By Fareeza Haniff

President Donald Ramotar. [Sandra Prince Photo]
President Donald Ramotar. [Sandra Prince Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] –President Donald Ramotar is confident that he will be the next Presidential Candidate for the People’s Progressive Party Civic at the next General and Regional Elections.

He told a news conference on Friday, November 14, that he is not afraid of the electorate and will win the majority of votes next time around.

“This time I am going back for the majority bigger than before,” President Ramotar declared.

The combined Opposition gained control of the 65 seat National Assembly for the first time at the November 2011 General and Regional Elections, making the PPP a minority government.

Two weeks ago, PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee told the media that the Party had not made any decision on who the next Presidential Candidate will be.

Rohee feels however, that he may also be a good Presidential Candidate as he gave assurances that whoever the candidate is will be someone who has the wit and confidence to sell the Party and win the citizenry.

While the PPP is yet to decide on a candidate, the Alliance for Change will be making that decision when its members gather for its biannual National conference on December 6, 2014.

From all indication, Opposition Leader David Granger will lead the coalition – A Partnership for National Unity into the next general elections which could be as soon as next year.


  1. Then what Donald? You pass laws ignoring the Afro Guyanese who voted for the PNC? How long you think this nonsense can continue? This just shows where your heart is.

  2. Donald are you gong back in talks with Glen Lall wife too?
    Many mouths will open now and many dirt will spill out on all of you.
    How many wives that are down right poor do you talk with so often like you talk with Glen Lall wife..
    The other day KN print something about what GyTimes print about the GRA boss..
    The GRA boss asnwered to the KN boss and told the KN boss that wat GyTimes print was not so..
    wow….this ppp caban crumbling

  3. Ramotar to answer:
    You talking fat talk but the people out there are afraid of what’s to come.
    What guaranteed could you assure them that what happened last election will not happen again?
    Like 19 polling stations in PPP strongholds never counted?
    Isn’t all votes supposed to be counted?
    Bet your life if PNC were to find out just one vote for them that was not counted there would be hell to pay much less 19 polling station.
    On election night PPP called for recount then changed their mind because PNC threatened violence.
    What if PNC threatened violence again, what you have in place to ensure all votes must be counted and any treats of violence must be put down immediately?
    Are you satisfied with the complete make up of GECOM and satisfied with the List?
    Most Guyanese believe the court is stacked in favor of PNC with the likes of Nigel Hughes Basil Williams and Harmon and Co.
    What if there are any skullduggery in GECOM and the court must be involved, what are in place to have fairness in the judiciary?
    How many International Organs will be in Guyana to witness and observe free fair transparent free from violence and free from intimidation election?
    Many Guyanese believe Granger’s call on the Security forces not to take serious and deadly action against citizens for exercising their rights are a call to kin n kin to turn a blind eye to any atrocities might be committed when elections are held next.
    Do you have Special Forces who will uphold the laws they swear to protect all citizens of Guyana from any wrong doings?


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