Hydromet warns of flooding


The Hydromet Office has warned of flooding today, due to heavy rainfall.

See full statement:

SPECIAL INFORMATION: Flood warning remains in effect for flood prone areas in Regions 1 and 2.

Current Conditions:

Overcast skies are being observed across Northern Guyana with moderate to heavy showers and continuous rain over Regions 1 and 2 and light to at times moderate along some coastal area of 3 and 4.

Expected Condition:

These conditions will continue into the afternoon across Regions 1 to 3. Rainfall intensities are expected to be mostly moderate to heavy for most of the morning, with a decrease in intensity into the afternoon becoming mostly light.

Base on the latest model output and satellite data; please note that we are anticipating rainfall accumulation between 60.0 mm and 100.0 mm over the next 6-8 hours, with highest in Region 2.

Low tide: 10:00 hrs at 0.72 meters

High tide: 15:54 hrs at 2.99 meters which is above normal

With the current and expected adverse weather conditions coupled with the above normal high tides residents of riverain, coastal and low lying areas are advised to exercise precautionary measures during this time.

The Hydrometeorological Services will continue to monitoring these Weather conditions and will issue update(s) as the need arises.