Human Services Ministry to push for updated laws for Persons with Disabilities

Dr Vindhya Persaud

In an effort to streamline its programmes that target the differently-abled population and provide efficient social services to address their needs, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security will be pushing to have the Persons with Disability Act (2010) be reviewed and amended accordingly in 2021.

Dr. Vindhya Persaud, the subject Minister, made the disclosure during a virtual meeting with members of the National Commission on Disability on September 30, 2020.

Currently, the Ministry is ‘overextended’ with many requests that fall under the umbrella of other Ministries. Therefore, by reviewing the legislation, all responsible Ministries will have specific roles to address the needs of this vulnerable group.

According to Persaud, an internal review of the existing Act will determine “what areas need to be shifted, added or amended.” She anticipates by mid-November the review will be completed and the Commission will be given an opportunity to make recommendations.

The Attorney General Office will lend the necessary legislative framework, Hon Persaud added.

Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, the Commission’s acting Chairperson expressed gratitude to the Minister for her involvement for the differently-abled have access to the online courses.

She revealed that all members in the Commission’s database were notified “to make good use of the opportunity…especially with the certificates being recognised.”

“Thank you for looking out for us,” Ms. Persaud-McKinnnon added.

Persaud, who strongly advocates for training and employment opportunities for the vulnerable, has “asked my colleagues to open the door” to recruit qualified and skilled differently-abled individuals.

Additionally, the Ministry will shortly assign a staff who will assist, conduct follow-ups and provide feedback to the deaf, blind and differently-abled.

Attendees that joined the meeting were: Whentworth Tanner, Director of Social Services, Ministry of Human Services and Social Security; Roydon Croal, Commissioner; Barbara Lawrence, Commissioner; Ganesh Singh, Commissioner; Sandra Davidson-Lowe, Programme Officer; Avonel Corrica, Communications Officer and Beverly Pile, Executive Secretary.