Hughes, Burton spar over Tourism sector


By Jomo Paul

Gillian Burton
Gillian Burton

[] – Two members of Parliament from both sides of the House made presentations on the 2015 budget with their targets being on the Tourism Sector.

The presentation saw People’s Progressive (PPP) Member, Gillian Burton being pitted against Tourism Minister, Cathy Hughes. Hughes in her presentation boasted that the APNU+AFC government has begun crafting a National Tourism Policy document which will soon be in draft format. She said that this is something that the PPP has failed to do despite being in Office for some 23 years.

She noted that the document will be used as a guide to tourism development and will address tourism regulations and legislation. The Minister was clear that “tourism is poised to deliver the good life,” noting that the sector has great potential to provide jobs for many Guyanese.

Pointing to niche markets, Hughes explained that Guyana has vast potential in the area such as bird watching, which is now becoming popular in the country.Hughes

She also spoke of the boosting of sport and entertainment based tourism in Guyana along with the hotel industry, pointing out that small hotels have been marginalized by the former government which gave huge concessions to the Marriott Hotel.

Following Hughes’ presentation, Burton made it clear that she was not pleased with the incentives outlined for the sector. She argued that “no feasible plan has been mentioned to tap into the tourism treasure chest.”

According to her, several of the initiatives outlined by Hughes were birthed under the PPP administration.

“One needs to ask “what’s new” in the tourism sector other than making it a separate industry (Ministry),” said Burton.


  1. You can keep on wondering Storme Williams or whoever you are, because it certainly was not to this Beresford, if it were so maybe it was like Jagdeo’s marriage. It never happened or it was fake.

  2. In every post that’s your only comment “let’s see how the cookie crumbles” like you’re the cookie Monster or what.

  3. According to Burton most of the initiatives were birthed under the P.P.P. administration.What she does not seem to understand is that when something is birthed it has be attended to and nourished so it can grow to maturity and be fruitful and productive. Absent that, the birth was futile, as was the Amelia falls road contract,, the The skeldon Sugar factory,The Fiber Optic Cable contract,,the Specialty Hospital,and the contract for Bernard Keirick. In short vision without wisdom and common sense is foolishness at work and disaster waiting to happen. That is what the P.P.P. did to Guyana,.

  4. is this a comedy show LOL how come all these guys are cat napping you mean the APNU/AFC own parliamentarians can’t keep awake to listen to there own agenda boy does this thing look gloomy


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