Huge profit losses due to Essequibo power outages


unnamed( – The entire Essequibo Coast, since Monday has been rocked by power outages lasting for hours, with residents only receiving a total of two hours of power at 15 minute intervals.

iNews’ spoke with fisherfolks, businessmen and women and other commercially oriented persons in the farming region on Thursday morning (December 12).

They said that the situation is so severe that no business can be done and mass dumping of goods and other items which require cold storage has begun while other persons have opted to share their items to children in the various communities.

Among items dumped and distributed are fish, ice-creams, meat and milkshakes among others.

One fisher folk related that he has not been at sea since Tuesday and that is due to the fact that he has no ice to preserve his catch. He said that he has eight workmen who have also been affected by the power outage and his inability to have them accompany him at sea.

He showed iNews three freezers, one with little cube ice which are insufficient to preserve the quantity of his catch, one with spoiled fish and another from which items had to be removed because the motor was damaged due to the on and off power supply.

A tailor showed his shop with cloth which he cut to make various outfits for customers. He lamented that many persons including students and other workers are unable to uplift their clothes for parties over the weekend and even today andtomorrow because they were not touched.

iNews was on hand when a gentleman arrived to uplift his son’s pants which the taylor was expected to complete by yesterday.

Meanwhile, in the process of the compiling this news report, the electricity to the communities was turned on for the first time at 7: 45hrs.

That represented the first trance of power for the day to the region. (Leroy Smith)



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