Housing sector has seen impressive growth over past five years – President


guyana-ministry-of-housing-4-2-million-home-2[www.inewsguyana.com] – Government’s innovative housing drive has resulted in tens of thousands of Guyanese families being able to realise the dream of home ownership.

This fact was highlighted when President Donald Ramotar gave his annual New Year’s address to the nation.

“Our housing programme continues to provide our citizens with their own homes, giving them great comfort and security. Today, entire new communities have emerged where once the land lay wasted and unoccupied,” the President said.

Guyana’s housing sector was described by the president as seeing “impressive growth over the past five years”. He said that from 2009 to 2014, the budget allocated to the sector has grown by 400%. In 2009, the Ministry was implementing 51 projects, in 2014, there are 170 projects under implementation.

It was noted that the sector has also been a boon for job creation, directly creating 3,500 jobs in 2014, a figure that is projected to grow to 4,250 in 2015.

Government, through its Housing Ministry, is catering for low, middle and high income earners. President Ramotar explained, “We have also launched a “one thousand” home initiative for working class families. The young professionals’ pilot programme was successfully completed and a new era in urban planning is beckoning”.

Government has already provided as many as 100,000 families with their houselots as it seeks to ensure that all citizens desirous of owning a home can do so.

Some of the notable housing schemes created are at Parfait Harmonie, Tuschen, Amelia’s Ward, Herstelling, Diamond, Hope, Bartica, Sophia and Providence. [GINA]



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